Sunday, 27 February 2011

Krishna conciousness

Tilling was treated to an interesting (Kats word) soirée last
night; here is Mavis and her daughter-in-law Sylvian (Tim
was there too but out of shot) Also present, Kat and Peter
and Hilary and Mike and Bieke and erm others - there was no
alcohol but it seems that is just an excuse for my forgetfulness.

Me and in Captain in a rare sighting...

The sitar player told us about the end of days - this is the age
of Kali, the age of iron and technology, where things come to an
end before cumbersomly restarting - again.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Public Service

In the interests of public service Ive been testing the local

On Wednesday Jill and Tony and I trotted off to La Creperie.
Ate smoked salmon galette with creamed leeks; terrific, such a
good mix. There was only one table free in the place and its not
surprising - they've redecorated and the menu is ingenious.
Got away with just under 10 euros inc wine.

Thursday was deferred hobbit night, including Bieke, Kat and
Pete. For 5 euros per head we had whats called kebab and chips,
which is actually small slices of lamb mixed with salad in a white
sauce and wrapped in a pancake with home-made chips. Took away
and watched the programme on current revolutions at Petes, with
blanquette. Excellent.

Last night was the joyful T Rex. Claudine was staying and the
Captain is here so we were celebrating. For me it was confit de
canard and chips and tarte citron which was really lemon meringue
pie. The other two had pizza. By the time I'd drunk all the red wine
I had no idea how much the wonderful captain paid for it all....

The place was pretty busy, mostly with Brits, all of whom were
strangers to me.

Here is Claudine, off back to Madagascar. She promises to visit
again next year.

Its sad that shes going; for consolation we are eating tonight at
the ex- florists by the bridge, which has suddenly turned into a
Tonight they are having an Indian meal with a live sitar player -
10 euros a head, no booze, reservations only, ring 0683 35 55 17.

Its a busy night if you have the energy - Margo and her singers
are performing at the Espace Cathar in Quillan (free - subbed by
the Mairée), Iphegenia in Taurus from The Met is showing at the
cinema in Carcassonne and the Fecos are in Tilling.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

party band

Anyone who was at my 60th will remember the band, if
nothing else - they are now les malfonctionnaires and
are available to play at your gig. Heres their site:

dont forget to invite me too!!

Monday, 21 February 2011

advance warning

There will be reminders as the time gets nearer; there are few
perks to being a painter but the chiefest is that you get to see
your friends at private views.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Andrées view

Andrée didn't want to be photographed in hospital so here
is the view from her bedroom there. Lovely place.
Shes back Weds., hurrah, but won't be out to tango for a while

Thursday, 17 February 2011

healthy bio green shopping

All Tillingites know the health shop on the square, called
Tomorrow the association that run it are having their
Assemblée Génèrale, thats the 18th Feb at 18h. Its in
the store. After the meeting there will be a shared meal.
If you are not already a member, you can trot along and join
Its a good plan - we are lucky to have such a place here.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

gods writing

This was written across the sky at lunch time.
What are the gods spelling out?

*Ive been out! Went to a meeting at the MJC and for a takeaway
afterwards (Hobbiting with Pete and Kat)

Nearly better...

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

twitchers ahoy

Any twitchers know who this beastie is?
He/she is slate grey/green with a dark green/black cap and
was hanging off the feeder outside the studio this morning.

It seems that Tilling is more than capable of partying without
me: reports of last nights jolly had me gnashing my teeth that
I missed all the fun.

Heard on the local radio that our Post Office is in deep jeopardy.
There is a petition against the proposed closure in the 8 à 8 -
do sign, though as Brits know once this stuff is mooted, thats it -
end of rural community and hello dormitory town.

Bloke on local radio rang up the local council offices and had a
miserably harassed official say, twice, that he had never farted
in the street. Apparently its an old law. Interviewer was trying
make the point that it was silly to pursue archaic laws. Harassed
of Carcassonne missed the point.

Monday, 14 February 2011


Oscar, Jill, Hilary and Kate have had birthdays recently or today.
My ghostly presence has partied with them. Me and my germs
have stayed indoors.

Quelle bavadage, photos?

If not for the blog, for me -missing y'all.

On the plus side, a health drink; one banana, 4 strawberries,
one apple, juice of 2 oranges, 1 kiwi (plays havoc with the colour,
so you might prefer to miss this out). Whizz up in blender with
as much blanquette as you can get in without it fizzing over.

Doesn't make you better but you care less.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

a wheezin and a sneezin

I hate to moan - honest - and now the virus has left me for richer
fare there is only a chesty cold. Nothing to moan about, I hear
you cry.

I have been tiding my study. All I can cope with with the cold.
Behind a stack of unsorted books was a mummified mouse, which
shows how overdue that task was.

No problem. No winging. What has sustained me through the
tedium was a recipe in this weeks Aude Flyer (see toolbar of links,
down there, on the right- and while Im at it, hats off to Steve who
every two weeks manages to put out a useful and interesting rag)

The recipe called for garlic, spicy sausage and peppers and in the
course of the day became What I Will Have for Dinner.

There was some garlic sausage in the fridge, some garlic, some
peppers, spring onions - no Armagnac. So I chucked in hoy sin
and chilean red.

And I can't taste a thing. The taste buds are AWOL. I feel so

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

before the virus

Before the virus hit, I took these pix of Tilling, so thrilled to be home -

one features the prop that has appeared in the cafe du Pont since they started work on Marcos flat.

Then, bosh! Flattened by 'flu; it seems several guests at the Dublin party are ditto.
Here I am catching my death of cold

I plan to be out and about tomorrow though. Jolly galling to lie and bed and watch the sunshine, not being able to go and walk in it -

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Here is dawn over O'Connell Street. It was raining - the rain
didn't let up all weekend - but the wind did eventually die down.
The same wind caused a terrifyingly bumpy landing on Friday
afternoon and then whipped my glasses off my face as I got out
of the 'plane. Had not some sweet young person raced after them
they would be crushed on a runway. Shudder. Blessings on sweet
young person xxxxxxTwo big parties, not enough sleep, and a deal of something called
Tat which is a bit like Blanquette but not as healthy; great weekend!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Catholic Truth Society wants witches

Catholics always did want witches, of course - for firewood.
This article culled from the Torygraph says that a new CTS
pamphlet wants them to convert because they offend god -
the almighty will not change his plans if you cast spells.
Which is fair comment (though they dont say HOW they know
this) The article is very droll on the subject.
It avoids mentioning the burnings, claiming witchcraft is a
Victorian construct.

(sorry I haven't cracked how to link properly, you have to cut
and paste - highlight the link and carry to the top of the toolbar)

I remember as a convent girl being warned against thinking
for myself; it was 'spiritual pride'. The nuns reckoned that the
Fathers had done all the thinking a girl could need - presumably
they hadn't read any primary sources, many of which are a deal
dafter than next doors eco-goddesses ideas.

Did another Hobbits Night Out last night with Kat and Pete, dead
good fun. After the galette of kebab we had crepes suzettes at Petes
in front of the (english) tele. Hence we know what shocking news is
in store in Midsommer Murders, broadcast here to a willing audience
as Inspector Barnaby. Certain french friends follow this blog so I
will not say. The usual terms apply for bribery.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

quandaries in Tilling

Captain made it away on Sunday, the snow didn't settle for long;
on Monday Kat and I devoted ourselves to the task of welcoming
Margaret and John back into the fold. Which is to say that after
a three-day drive they were sweet enough to give us dinner and
enough blanquette to drown lesser women.
Recovered now, though had a little too much apero last night to
celebrate almost finishing a difficult painting which now turns out
not so much to be finished as destroyed. Ah me.
There are photos- but where? And how appropriate?
The quandaries of life continue to oppress.