Sunday, 30 August 2009

le chateau St Julia de Bec

Superb dinner chez Rushton - apart from the selections from
the Sound of Music, South Pacific, whatever - good nosh, good
booze, good mates.

Friday, 28 August 2009

family lunch

Cousin Martin and family, Clare, Domenic and Johnie came to
lunch and we celebrated Martins birthday - albeit a little late -
and in the absence of a proper cake, with several small ones.

Smashing to see them; and we wandered by the river
where they used all those exercise posts that no-one
has ever used before, to my knowledge anyway.

what we did on our hols...

Yup, you got it - nothing.
It was great.

Below is the view from our hotel room.
That was great too.

A silver fish, a mackerel I think, swam under me.
Thats all that happened.
It was great.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

exhibition virgins

Ian and Ashley were exhibiting
their photographs for the first time last night at a fine show at Espace d'Art in Rennes-les-Bains.

They both enjoyed the experience - Ian especially, after Mavis asked him to paint her one too.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

cutest kid in the world

Theophilé and Margo
came overnight; Leo
joined us for dinner.

All we did was adore

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Cranes ahoy

The cranes arrived today... a darkening of the sky and an eerie
silence as they flew overhead. I reckon about 140 though I cant
count very well. Far more than when last spotted in 2004 though
less than in 2003, I think.
Marvelous to see them.

I had been afraid that they were all dead, its been such a long

They returned to their usual spots, though the big chimney has
gone to make the new home for Alzhiemer suffers.

Tilling at twilight was covered in delighted tourists and residents
snapping away at the bemused birds.

If previous records are anything to go by, they take off tomorrow
morning rather late - about 10.00 am - having preened and farted
around a bit first. Off to Africa? I dunno, but downriver towards
the sea. Perhaps a holiday trip to the Med.

Anyway get up early to see them if you can - they're so BIG

Sunday, 16 August 2009

new guardian

this redstart has taken over the guardian; slightly louche,
charmingly curious, very entertaining.
Anyone think of a name for him/her?

kool at Kats

Kats party last night went on far too late -!! Sorry Kat, it was
your fault for making it such fun. Really enjoyed the bavardage
despite the lack of the newly-gone; Toby, Pete and Clare, the
Scottish clan, gone, all gone...

News from Annie, not especially good; she is in England nursing
her mother who on the plus side is out of hospital and Pete is
in Ireland nursing the three angels who have swine 'flu. The
plus side there is that they won't get it later, like when they are
in India.

Leaving here just gets more and more dangerous.

But it is hot. We have just canceled the barbie tonight to make
it a picnic. Fire on the mountain not a good plan and according
to Ian actually illegal. Makes sense.

This mornings market was an inferno though that didn't dissuade
persons from being there -

Friday, 14 August 2009

town hall fire shock

Our Kat was first on the scene as the acrid billowing clouds
of smoke caused her eyes to smart and her heart to pound: she
ran to the Mairée to find that someone had called the fire brigade
seconds before.

Brave Msr Pozo and his colleagues swiftly brought the blaze under
control and by the time your intrepid reporter had stirred herself
the burnt out car was gone, leaving only this charred pavement
and the singed corner of the car next to it, sectioned off with official
red and white tape, bearing mute witness to the etc etc

The cars owner, caught closing her shutters against the smell of the
wreckage, said that she heard two BOUM BOUM!s as the car
exploded; she thought it was the wiring as its the second time this
has happened to her. I asked her if she was a fire god and she smiled

Me and visiting kids had been sheltering from the heat watching a
Hitchcock DVD, which was very gripping or you'd have a first hand
report. They've all gone to the Lake at Arques now, peace descends,
and a spell of detox after last nights excellent dinner.

Going to miss you Toby!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

fun sun stars

Unaccustomed silence due to too much going on...
now worried to note the seasonable birds planning their
getaway, see above. Or perhaps they are just watching
the moon.

Was also worried at how many black photos I had to download -
angst, bad camera? - then realised I'd been shooting the
meteor showers, or rather, failing to.

The meteor showers have been brill and the last couple of
nights have been spent supine with bottles and friends,
watching the show. Tilly, Felix, Zoe, Kitty Moon have all
seen them for the first time.

Yesterday was Dermots birthday and here is his cake
with Kerry and the captain; underneath is a strange shot
which I think is Kates skirt.

And here is the birthday boy, blessing his guests...
or perhaps trying to avoid them??

Bumped into Frank and Liz on my way home from Dermots
and ended up supine with the stars again.

Am seriously, fairly seriously, thinking about not drinking for
a short while. Can only improve the photies.

Friday, 7 August 2009


A beautiful view near Annie and Petes land -
they are having a wet time in Ireland ;
'we have had rain and more rain and gales ever since we
arrived... going to help at a sailing course where all the kids
are going to capsize in the wind...'
she nearly bought tickets back but they were enjoying the
dancing too much - hélas for us.

To cheer her further, here is another mysterious sculpture.

I'm beginning to suspect Ulla B since its on his way into Tilling
(the picnic stop by the flags) and he is, erm, a sculptor -

Last night something of a spot of chaos as I thought Chantals
vernisage was at the gallery by where the chimney used to be.

Apologies to Peter R., Kat, Peter D with Clare, Freya and
Collette as the invitation, which I barely read, said Carcassonne.

So here is a nice picture of the flowers I bought her, used
instead to welcome Clare (who was very gracious about it) Here is Michelle looking enigmatic at T Rex

and here are the Captain and Clare looking blurred.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Monday, 3 August 2009

Le Monstre

Residents of Tilling may need to be reminded that the dustcart
that the french call Le Monstre is coming on Weds morning, so
put out your unwanted furniture and valuable antiques
tomorrow night.

Other reminders; Virgine has organised music at TRex on
Thursday, cant remember who is playing but its generally
good there - booking essential -

whilst on the subject of TRex, those who weren't there last
night might want to know what the noise was about.
It seems that the patron supports a football team and they
had won something big - two large cups were in evidence -
which required that the young champions climbed on the
roof and lower their trousers. Much hilarity.

You get a different class of riff raff with the rugger lot.

Things Ive been meaning to report for non-residents
keep forgetting:
We have traffic lights in Tilling. By the level crossing to the
school. Where Barry and Frank alternately help the kids
too and fro. Perhaps this is the new mayors way of warning
Barry and Frank to toe the line?
(Barry and Frank are Tillings two policemen)
There are yellow lines on the pavement by Petes, but I
don't know why.
Erm, thats it for the moment.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

surviving Leo's

It was a grand party in classic Leo and Toby tradition...

The only casualty was Scottish Daves shirt, for which a
million apologies and if you let me know your neck size,
Dave, I will do my best to replace it.

Most of my photos are black or eerily lit by unrecognisable
sources, except above, where we see the garden being well
used and Napoleon playing the flute - a hitherto unknown

Also Toby turns out to play the castanets in ways that
suggest a previous incarnation as a flamenco dancer; here
above she is dancing to Maxwells flute.

Cant resist adding this nice pic of El,
ditto this of Billy and Felicity