Friday, 30 May 2008


The house martin chicks have hatched and the gutters are full of their shells, the eves jolly noisy with their burbling chatter in the mornings. Exhausting.
The only other news is that when M came to my house a few nights ago she saw Al Puccino on a DVD I was playing.
'Urh I 'ate 'im, 'she said expressively.
'But its the Merchant of Venice,' I said.
'Ees Al Puccino,' she replied. 'Orrible'.
'Mais ici il est Shylock, tres bien' I said fluently.
'Shylock?' She said suspiciously. 'Shylock 'Olmes?'

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Kate Hardy Vanbolé painting

"To knit in a high wind is to know the strength of Gods (will) wool"

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

lost lambs

Found this after the party.
Claimants will be interviewed in a bar at a time of their choosing.

Is Theo a fire god ?

Was looking through the party pix for incriminating snaps when I found this of Theo doing his very startling party trick (click on it and blow it up for full impact)
I remember quite of lot about our Vanbolé party, up to a point, and unlike some; one of the things I recall vividly was this performance.
Thanks, Theo!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

from our correspondent....

An exciting war was waged today in neighbouring Montazels. As previously reported, Leigh and Lorraine opened their swimming pool today and the much anticipated battle to be first in the water was finally decided.

M. Barnes said ofthe event, "Well, it was a close thing but, by a short nose, Bilo was the winner with Jeremy a very close second and Paris (that's the dog, not Paris Hilton more's the pity) not far behind him."

The official photographer was on other duties today but that's no bad thing as Leigh has provided photos that are actually in focus!

Bilo was awarded the customary bottle of Blanquette and wins a place in the Hall of Fame as Premier Plongeur 2008. Bravo Bilo! What an achievement, and so early in the day for you!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

important info....

Of great interest to Tilling is the following info;
perhapsthe good people of Montazelshire will allow
us to post the winning picture?

"This is to announce that, with effect from 12:00 hours
Wednesday 21st, the Barnes pool is officially
open. Last time we
looked the water temperature was
16.5 degrees Celsius but forecast for
Wednesday afternoon
is 23 degrees and sunny so that should warm it up
a bit.

All those wishing to compete for the Premier Plongeur
award for 2008
(2007 Champion was Jeremy) should be
aware that competition this year
is expected to be
particularly fierce and that, despite the current

low water temperature, you will have to be quick to win.

Just to remind you of the rules - it is the first
person to dive or
jump in that wins, not lowering
yourself in gingerly! The event must
be witnessed by
Lorraine or Leigh and a photo taken to record the

completion. Swim wear MUST be worn - no fancy dress or
skinny dipping!
Each year's winner will win a bottle
of fizz, have their name
inscribed on the Hall of Fame
plaque in the pool room, and have their
photo displayed
on our new action photo board.

We will be standing by with camera, hot drinks, and
resuscitation gear for the first entrant."

Friday, 16 May 2008

atelier coffee

The serious business of art debate has recommenced at the Atelier in Tilling, next to the Centre Culturelle. Come and discuss the future of art every Friday morning at 11.00 a.m. All welcome.
And the drawing sessions have restarted too, Saturday morning at 10.00 on the first floor of the Centre Culturelle. Theres is no tuition - or talking - so its really for serious artists, from the nude and sometimes portrait heads. We all chip in to pay the model, 20 euros a month, bring your own kit (as it were.)

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Tilling welcome

Heres Claudine in London, looking brill: there are other better photies but you have to view them sideways because I can't find how to turn them round.

Also can't find how to switch off the underlining.

So; pictures of Claudine eating fish and chips, waving at Eros, having her first pint of beer in a pub, sitting gossiping in sundry kitchens and etc are available on request.

Nice to be back and thanks so much to those who made yesterdays trip so pleasant, and for the teatime entertainments and for the dinner. Small wonder I resent being away.

London - though admittedly hot - has not got glow worms or almonds and figs on trees, or bullfrogs or interesting snakes on the road.

Or indeed the number of deeply marvelous people that live here. *Can any of them tell me why Leo should think I was giving him spider tea??

Whilst in London I was struck
by how much art is sneaking
in through the toilet window...

this from the Tate Gallery toilet.

There is a long and thrilling tale concerning my activities over the last month. May I propose that you invite me out to dinner and I will reveal all...

aye, she's back

After a hideously long absence, everybody's favourite Beer is back in town. You can all look forward to a resumption of this formerly lively blog! Welcome back Nilz.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Look out

I thought this was quite funny as well...


We all spend time and money getting to and from the airport.... I'm going to Carcassonne on Tuesday to meet the 12.45 arrival from Britainshire. If anyone has need to go to the airport or Carcassonne for an errand or whatever let me know, I could get it for you/collect. We could post transfer requests/offers if you let us know.
Here's something that amused me...

Thursday, 8 May 2008

extraordinary achievement

Hot news in from our foreign correspondent in Englandshire. In recognition of outstanding achievement, Bob has been offered an honorary fellowship by his university, Ravensbourne. Vachement super cool, n'est-ce pas? Not being the sharpest nail in the box, I had to clarify what a fellowship means! I'm reliably informed that it is an 'Academic OBE'. I'm well impressed. Congratulations, Bob.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

soixante! c'est rien!

Indeed sixty is nothing as proved by some decidely un-sixty frolicking in the hills above Tilling for the occasion of Iain's landmark birthday. The ever-lovely Annie hosted a super-duper pique-nique with prawns and egg sarnies and sausages and fruit salad and we had birthday cake and all from a table draped in snowy-white linen. And there was a bit of booze. As usual, the photographer said no no to nutritious fruit shake drinks and yes yes to a bit of lovely blanquette.....

La belle norvegienne was putting a very brave face on it despite losing her car into a ditch. Everyone rallied and lots of brave old blokes with bad backs said they'd just lift it but their power remains unproven 'cause it wasn't really stuck. Bit back, bit forward and it was out. But everyone felt better that the old Golf lived to see another day.

All in all a jolly spiffing day and I know that everyone, even the old folk, had a lovely afternoon in the sun - see view of vineyards on the hills. Beat that!
Thanks to Gus for the good photos....