Thursday, 31 December 2009

2010 sounds classy...

Here we are then - still alive in 2010 -
me and the Captain dining in Rennes-les-Bains with 4 Danish,
one Irish, one Aussie and one Brit. A fine melange and given
that the rest of the restaurant (le Hosterlerie) were dancing
tango and singing french songs, the whole about to erupt into
the dream of the united nations, we did well; though the
Captain was a tad hors d'combat and we left slightly before

Here he is, plotting this years triumphs:
me,ditto - or perhaps just out of it, with Suzie and Kay
plus Trebor, who organised the evening, and Simon
and Judith

Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Behold, the Captains project!!! Its big and very very lovely-

And here at last are the less-blurred photies from Charlotte and
Tims birthday party, way back when -

A terrific party, judging by the happy blurred faces of
our friends -

David Whittaker has done well while I was offline - here is the
link to Robert Fripps diary -

And the rest will have to wait.

Twas Crimbo

'Twas Crimbo in Tilling-sur-Aude
parties, fetes, events à la mode
I was so poorly*
I missed them all sorely
Now I've nothing to put in my ode.

*Sinusitis, bloody orrible

Actually I was up and running on Crimboday, just in time for
lunch at Andy and Louises with Patricia and the kids - smashing
day though the business with the wooden spoon and the blanket
is still a mystery.

And still on form for Robin and Jennifers annual mega lunch; by
then I had got my arse into gear and remembered a camera.

The french are charmingly mystified by our traditions - and
I will never again attempt to translate cracker jokes - when
the time came to light the christmas puds there were cries
for the pompiers to be in attendance.
They were on the terrace having a cigarette.

Oh! It may not have escaped your notice that I am back on line!
Hurrah and thrice hurrah and a pox on Orange - this is the Brit lot
Teleconnect which has three stars from me, so far anyway.

Monday, 14 December 2009

service temporary suspended

Sorry folks - still no internet servuce. Orange, a pox ont.

I have nice photos of Tim and Charlottes birthday party
waiting to go up.

And of Tilling in the snow.

Friday, 4 December 2009

me and annies vernisage

Got no computer and if anyone mentions Orange
I shall display unseemly rage.
Fortunately I have the use of Ians machine
(thanks Ian.)

It was a great night anyway. I broke my alcohol
fast and drank three glasses of blanquette.
Very nice though I'm not sure that it makes that
much difference to my general being.
As can be seen in the photo I am still wedded
to death and gloom.

Many friends turned out- thanks all!
Here are some shots of the soiree;

-and the moon, gibbous over Quillan