Friday, 26 February 2010

useful notes

Very proud to announce that my godson Cosmos' wife Nicole
has published her bibliography via the British Library, on the
history of the British National Party which as we know now
welcomes Black and Asian members. See

And another useful link is podcastable from the BeeB and
concerns mighty legend Billy Jenkins. Here he is talking and
From this posting you may glean that I have a night in and
no ironing. It was to have been a fun night - Its Andrées
birthday - but she turned her nose up at a party. And K*t,
whose birthday is tomorrow, was embarrassed and didn't
want a jolly either. At this rate I shall have to do some work.

Been rather shocked tonight. Was cooking my tragically slight
and dull supper whilst watching the two little kitchen mice
bop about. And found that they were ignoring my cooking in
favour of the bar of hand soap by the sink. Sigh.

This week

Been busy having fun with Margo and her adorable
Theophilé, seen here about to burst into a smile -

Margo is the ideal guest. She cooked dinner, bought Anne and
Monique round, made no demands at all. She only stayed two nights, wish it could have been longer.

Rushton and Clare turned up with friends I hadn't seen since we were in our twenties, Jane and Neil.
They hadn't changed in appearance which seems odd as I have withered with the seasons.

The only fly in the ointment this week is that the Mairé have pulled up the lavender hedge up by the level crossing.
'Malade', they said and replaced it with a wire fence.

I have lots of lavender taken from it over the years and will try to germinate some. Will advertise if successful.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

some skies and a reminder

Some skies of the last few days - today was hot and clear.
But I forgot the camera. Anyway, it was just blue.

Here's a reminder;
Don't forget to come to the Haiti fundraiser.

When you clean your teeth you will remember this mysterious
image and link it with your desire to book your place in
what will be an evening of frolics and virtue. A remarkable
combination. Email Jo or Leigh or let me know and

Sunday, 21 February 2010

an exciting lunch

A very simple lunch for Annie, Pete and Mick turned into a
highly charged afternoon as the funny smell that has been
haunting this house developed smoke that emerged from
the electric box thingie.

Peter - manly Peter - calmed my girlish fears and turned off
the electricity.
Annie called the emergency services.
I did my bit by standing in the road hand-wringing until Mighty
Msr Pozo and his family arrived in full kit.

I should explain that the Pompiers of Tilling are run by Msr Pozo
and he has various family members on the team. Today his son
was assisting. Madame Pozo, matriarch of the tribe, lives a few
doors down from me and in the hiatus between looking at the box
and waiting for the EDF, her grandson lit a fag and trotted off to
say hello. He is very tall; she just about reaches his waist.

EDF came, looking very much as if lunch had been disturbed.
I offered sandwiches and wine but no takers - Msr EDF took an
hour to replace the box and went off smiling, possibly with relief.
Terrifying job. He wore a clear plastic helmet to do it.

All is now well.

Yet again, Annie and Pete have pulled me out of some hideous
spot. Thanks and thanks again...

andy and lou to the rescue

Andy and Louise rescued me from a bad paint day yesterday,
bless their dear hearts; among other delights was a trip to
Parchemin where they had a fine stack of English novels at 20
cents each.
And then they fed me and Sue and John and Daisy and Charlie.
Charlie has been mysteriously transformed in to Medici angel.

Friday, 19 February 2010

working on the noir

Andy sent a clip from the BBC, featuring the law courts of

So; Sieur d'Arques, the vinters we all love who run the Toques
et Clocher every year, have been busted passing off a wine as
Pinot Noir. Rather carelessly they passed off more than is
produced in the region -which led to the customs to spot them.

12 producers (some of whom didn't even grow Pinot Noir)were
found guilty and given suspended sentences.
All were fined from between 1,500 euros and 180,000 euros.
Not bad as they made 7 million.

They supplied to E and L Gallo - who were not involved in the
case- and didn't receive a single complaint.

One wonders why the customs can't leave well alone and get on
with pulling in the drug abusers of these parts... the illegal drug
users, that is.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Monday, 15 February 2010

Catherine Mascrès vernisage

Cath is showing at the Tourist Info place in Quillan... tonight at
the opening she served a delicious soup instead of wine. Given the
weather and our livers this was a Good Thing.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Tilling Girls en fete

No less than three birthday celebrations in Tilling today; Jill,
Hilary and Kate (though Kates was last week, she just had the
party today - which she shared with Oscar, also last week)

And behold!! Kate can make cake.
Several of us tried hard to decide which was best.
Many tastings were held.
The overall winner was, erm, all of them.

Party Political Broadcast

yo, the BNP has changed its constitution to allow Black
and Asian members!!

Email any Black and Asian mates who haven't fled Blighty
and ask them to sign up. Then if they can join forces
with Militant, the Tories and Labour are toast!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Bowyers jokes

q. Whats worse than finding a worm in your apple?
a. genocide

q. Who tries to exterminate you with a clock and a banana?
a. Salvador Dalek

- A Bowyers soiree,plus Peter G and Sally - not that
Sally, Theos friend Sally - the plan was to drink
hardly anything and have an early night to get over
last nights excessivness.

It was a good plan but it failed.

attention nudes

Just heard that due to this orrible cold weather
life drawing this monday is cancelled

Also just heard that the video on Youtube of the
Mayors wife sticking her tongue out to a very
challenging soundtrack has been removed,"due to
terms of use violation".
Some wag has put in back up under EsperazaMaire.

Haiti fundraising

This invitation from Jo; seems like a brill plan to me. Guilt- free partying!!

Haiti Earthquake Appeal-

Oxfam Emergency Response Fundraising event

You will all be aware of the devastation caused in Haiti following

theearthquake on January 12th.

Whilst most of us are not in a position to deliver aid directly there

are many things that we can all do, especially together.

So by way of supporting the emergency relief appeal and raising

awareness of the terrible situation there you are cordially invited

to anevening of fun, food and friendship.

EVENT: Shepherds Pie & ‘Champagne’ &

Auction of Promises

VENUE: La Grange, 7 Rue de la Marie, Antugnac

DATE & TIME: Monday 1st March, 7 pm

ADMISSION: €7,50 per person

RSVP: Jo Hayes/Jane Hunt

Our Master of Ceremonies for the Auction of Promises will be

Leigh Barnes and all and any offers of services/gifts for the

auction would be especially welcome – no matter how small or

large! Some examples to whet your appetite:

1 (or more) hour of gardening/DIY/housework/cooking/

dog walking, cakes/ jams. crafts etc etc.

So round up your friends, family and neighbours and remember

‘World Change Starts Here’


Jo Hayes: 0468 74 37 79 email

Jane Hunt: 0468 74 15 95 email

Leigh Barnes: 0468 74 25 32 email

Hats off to Hilary

Hilary thought she had five or six for dinner and was totally
unfazed when she had to feed a dozen.

Here the newly returned Annie and Pete chat to Dominique
and her husband, who are passing through en route to Brittany
- given the snow, we may be seeing more of them - supervised
by the cat.
Below is another Kat.

(That glass, now; whats that about? At the end of the evening you
expect things to look a bit wobbly but the camera is picking up on
it too?)
Margaret and John left first as they are flying back to Blighty
today. Given the continuous snow in Tilling, I think we might be
seeing them again soon.
Many thanks to Mike and Hilary for such an engaging evening.
I wasn't the only one who didn't stop talking all night - what
interesting people live here - trust some of them helped with the
washing up, sorry I had to walk the dog.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Snow again. Boring.

One thing about this snow is that it leaves no choices - you just
have to get on with things, sigh.

Accordingly the gallery has been redecorated to set off the new
work. It should have been gold and beigey pink but I ran out of
gold. So now its gold, beigey pink and that unnatural pink you get
in kids sweets. Looks like a tarts boudoir, or should I say a sex
workers reception area.
Says a little too much about the new work.

And hurrah! I've booked a coach ticket to Florence. Surely it
doesn't snow in Florence... there is a coach from Toulouse,
107 e return, traveling overnight. Wildly excited though I'm
not going till the start of March.

And - more joy - Annie and Pete are back. Gods in his heaven.
Such a delight to split hardly any bottles last night.

Tonight I will remember to photograph them though they
look the same as every despite Annies protestations; she
figured that some of her activites have aged her a decade
but they haven't.

I am sworn to secrecy.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

goodbye captain

Captain back in London leaving me with a collection of photos
of windswept beaches and empty skies.
(We were at La Franqui for his birthday and it was marvelous,
actually -)
I will spare you the emotional photos.

As I was waving him off at the bus stop bumped into Patricia,
friend to many of us... she has completed her long and arduous
course and is now a fully qualified Dieteticienne Naturopathe.
(Patricia, many congratulations BTW )

For a modest fee you can get your illnesses sorted - diabetes
and so forth - plus those issues of weight. Get in touch for her
Limoux contact numbers.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Brushed up

This weekend saw the painting of the Centre Culturel. I missed
Saturday on account of a very convivial lunch followed by an
apero that was far from unconvivial.
I'd saved Sunday morning to join the painting party; but I was
TOO LATE. They finished without me.
Feel I've missed a chance to be a part of the towns history.
But brilliantly done you others and thanks to Lucette for the

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

stroke info

Leo writes from Amsterdam that he has had a big birthday and
is still young and fit -
'Somebody told me that on that age you can easy hidden by
There for I sent you the text under, so if you see me fall you
know what to do.
Perhaps this is something for your blog.
It is cold here and snow again.'

So, if he should fall over we should check four things:

  1. Can he smile?
  2. Can he make a simple sentence?
  3. Can he raise both arms?
  4. Can he move his tongue easily from side to side?

It seems that if stroke victims are identified as such quickly,
they can be restored to normal health - so if he fails any of the
above tests, call the emergency services.

This is applicable across the board, BTW - not just to Leo.
Here is Tilling today, basking in the sunshine...

this evenings meeting at the MJC was chiefly concerned with
how much wine and pizza we had to order to feed those of you
that are turning up to paint the building this weekend.

Do come! Open to all, slosh a bit of paint about (just drop in for
an hour or two, no great commitment required) drink wine eat
pizza have a laugh.

Monday Monday

After life drawing (which caused a few goosebumps), was invited
to Yvonnes with Kat for home made crumpets.
Totally marvellous; didn't know you could make crumpets.
Ate them with maple syrup and cheered up about the drawing.

Above is Yvonnes chillie oil getting a shake.

Then it was Stans birthday apero - here is the dear boy, looking
younger than ever in his new birthday shirt.

I have dark shots of the lively and amusing party which are
unviewable; here is a clear one of Blossom looking after Sophie and
James' kid, Guillame. Some ninety years separate them.
Blossom was taught art in Chicago by some of the great figures of
20th century art and refused to continue to be taught by
Moholy-Nagy after a dust-up...