Monday, 2 November 2009

Saturday night fixture

This from Eddie; pass it on....
 Groove Club   
Unplugged Session at Café de Fa 7 Nov 2009
with Stan Adler, Deb Swallow, Serge Ducamin, Rida
and others...singers welcome.
No electric guitars - starts at 9.00pm

04 98 20 19 35 to reserve a table -Plat du jour 8.50 euros

And here is Lizette, Pete and Clares neighbour, getting the
flowers out for the Feast of the Dead on Sunday. Here it is
customary to put flowers on your ancestral grave; people
drive in from the towns to their family villages to do it,
though not as much as they used to according to the oldies.
Saw a fair few trotting about on Sunday nonetheless.

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