Sunday, 9 November 2008

Saturdays lunch

Saturday the Captain and I spent at Lastours
with Helen and Tony - after a huge lunch Helen and I
tekked off across some disturbingly high mountains
to the ancient chateau, through the autumnal woods -
terrific -past the bronze age burial sites -
amazing to think how long these places have been inhabited
by cultured and thoughtful people, at least if their burials are
anything to go by.

The powers-that-be have responded to the special attractions
of the region, which includes mines and natural caverns,
by trying to plant a huge rubbish dump there. Cute, eh?
And there are very viable alternatives, like the incinerator
in Toulouse that is already being used.

It is not the role of a blog to talk of corruption in the
complex world of waste disposal. Or of withdrawn grants,
secret meetings whose minutes remain on the hard drive
after deletion, vested interests and financial incentives.

This cavern is under one of the chateau. Long may it remain.

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