Thursday, 20 November 2008

Du Rififi

The big news here is the rift between the new mayor
and his team.

Thérèse rang from Paris, where they talk of little else.
As Thérèse gloomily remarked, the problem is finding
someone of sufficient intellect in Esperaza --

The local press have been having a field day with the
argument, which is simple; the mayor won't do team
and the team don't like it. Bernard Laurens is leading
the opposition - he who most of us know as Genéves
husband at the insurance agency at the side of the Maire.
Seems capable enough. And the fact that the mayor is
known by all and sundry as Le Vrai Petit C** is indicative
of his popularity.

The local papers have also noted the La Présence de 2
représentantes de la population anglaise d'Esperaza -
to wit, me and Kate - who strutted our stuff at our first
meeting of the MJC. It was impossible to understand
anything. They SHOUT at the same time. If I ever find
out what was happening, I'II report back.

Also in the papers - Mike, laying a wreath at the war
memorial for the English dead in France on Armistice day.
Un Anglais dépose une gerbe pour la premiére fois.
Mike had a merry time with the afforementioned Mayor
getting permission to participate. He could write a book
about it -

Right, thats enough proper news.
Now to the social diary...
TONIGHT is the vernisage of a bunch of artists
at Ediths. Be there. It will be fun. Free booze.

Christmas shopping, yes, it aint far off - Bill
is running a minibus to Andorra from Esperaza
on the 18th December if you want cheap booze and
tax free stuff, and from Quillan on the 16th.
Price 30 euros return. You'd still save a packet if you
have drinkers in for Christmas.

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